Home Delivery Service


Home Delivery

We offer complimentary home delivery so you can be rest assured that your orders reach you, fresh without compromise to cold chain management practices.

All orders are handled and packed under strict guidelines to avoid breaks in the supply chain and delivered to you within the same day of being packed. We have placed guiding principles to ensure all deliveries go smoothly without a hitch.

We are continuously looking to improve on our service and we appreciate any feedback to better our service to you.

Our Logistics Ethos:

  • Utmost importance to best service standards, nothing less and being receptive to improvements.
  • Accountability to all orders and deliveries made.
  • Prompt response and updates to queries and conflict resolutions.
  • Compliance to cold chain practices and safety standards

Delivery Highlights:

  • Free Deliveries for orders above $80.
  • Indent time of 3 days to allow for orders to be processed and delivered, fresh. Special indent time of 5 days required for products imported upon order.
  • Deliveries are systematically segregated by location to ensure all orders are fulfilled on time.

Delivery Scheduling:

  • For regular orders, 3 days lead time is required for your orders to be placed/processed and delivered.
  • There are specific produce that require longer lead time to be shipped in, fresh. As such, a longer lead time is required to fulfilled those orders.
  • Deliveries are allocated according to the 5 regions. This is to facilitate for drivers to fulfil orders efficiently, within the timing windows without customers having to wait while our drivers are stuck in bad traffic etc.